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QUESTION: When driving around Cambridge, I’ve seen plaques in some gardens saying “Bay-Wise” property. Now, my neighbor has one! What’s this all about?  ANSWER: Private property can be designated as “Bay-Wise” under a program run by Master Gardeners in Dorchester and other Maryland counties, to encourage people to garden in a way that reduces the pollution that is so damaging to … Read more
CAMBRIDGE — A compromise plan crafted by a city commissioner’s wife to end a dispute among citizens’ groups over a proposed war monument in Cambridge won approval from one side but ran into opposition from the other at yet another heated meeting late Monday.  “We object to the stone and we object to the style of the monument,” Lou Hymon, spokeman … Read more
I’ll be the first one to say that I love music. Let me restate that . . . GOOD music. And I like a little bit of MOST music. But nowadays I’m not sure if our young people know what music is. Let me explain . . .  I was working the other day, deep in concentration, when suddenly I was … Read more
CAMBRIDGE — The Cambridge City Council agreed late Monday to move forward quickly with plans to transform Maryland Avenue into an environmentally-sound “green street” after Public Works Director Oden Wheeler warned construction must begin soon, or some of the grant money for the project would run out.  “We need to proceed as fast as we can, we would like to start … Read more
QUESTION: Are the pesticides nicknamed “neonics” useful weapons for home gardeners and commercial growers? Or are they bee-killers so dangerous we should boycott them and the United States ban them, as the European countries did four months ago?  ANSWER: A slew of recent articles on neonicotinoids, the full name of these chemicals, made me think the subject was important enough to … Read more
CAMBRIDGE — The EagleMan competition in Cambridge is a 70.3 mile qualifying triathlon event for the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. Until now it was sponsored by the nonprofit Columbia Triathlon Association (TriColumbia), based in Columbia, MD, that has raised millions of dollars for charity since 1984. According to TriColumbia representative Gerry Boyle, the organization experienced financial difficulties that left … Read more
CAMBRIDGE — The Marjorie S. Lednum Annual Award for Outstanding Volunteer Contributions to Cambridge Main Street will be awarded for the first time this year to recognize extraordinary volunteer contributions to Cambridge Main Street’s goal of revitalizing historic downtown Cambridge.   The award is named in honor of Marjorie S. Lednum who was the first president and a tireless supporter of … Read more
CAMBRIDGE — The County Council’s public hearing on March 18 regarding a proposed change to the Excise Tax regulations garnered little public support. The regulation would make it impossible for builders, developers, or property owners who wish to add on to their homes to appeal for a waiver, rebate, or refund of any portion of the tax.  The bill, sponsored by … Read more
The Dorchester Center for the Arts (DCA) is presenting unique one-day workshops in April. DCA members and others in the community are urged to register now, as space is limited.   • Talisman Jewelry – Found Art - Instructor: Karen O’Dowd  Using found objects (repurposed jewelry, hardware, bottle caps, fuses, watch parts and more) participants will learn how to create their personalized … Read more
Saturday, my mother will have been gone for two years. I miss her as much today as I did then, and I guess I always will. She was not only my mother, she was my best friend. It’s still hard for me to think of her without shedding tears and I have never been a person to cry. Even at … Read more
CAMBRIDGE — The Choptank River Lighthouse is seeking Greeter Guides to expand its pool of volunteers who greet visitors to the replica lighthouse at Long Wharf in Cambridge. Those who are interested are invited to an informational meeting on March 27, 6-7:30 p.m. at the Dorchester Center for the Arts, 321 High St. in Cambridge.  “Our Greeter Guides made all the … Read more
QUESTION: How late are we this March for planting early spring vegetables like lettuce, peas, radishes and spinach?  ANSWER: I hate to say “Your guess is as good as mine” so I’ll estimate we’re at least a month behind the normal earliest planting dates for the vegetables you mention, which herald the arrival of spring. Just to be on the safe … Read more
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